We spend a lot of time and energy creating a high quality, curated index. There are many types of content, and we're constantly discovering new things to search for as well. If there's anything you want to be more highly covered, just reach out to [email protected]. See the following table for a high level overview of what is available in our index:

CategoryAvailability in Exa IndexDescriptionExample prompt link
Research papersVery HighOffer semantic search over a very vast index of papers, enabling sophisticated, multi-layer and complex filtering for use casesIf you're looking for the most helpful academic paper on "embeddings for document retrieval", check this out (pdf:
Personal pagesVery HighExcels at finding personal pages, which are often extremely hard/impossible to find on services like GoogleHere is a link to the best life coach for when you're unhappy at work:
WikipediaVery HighCovers all of Wikipedia, providing comprehensive access to this vast knowledge base via semantic searchHere is a Wikipedia page about a Roman emperor:
NewsVery HighIncludes a wide, robust index of web news sources, providing coverage of current eventsHere is news about war in the Middle East:
LinkedIn personal profilesComing SoonWill provide extensive coverage of LinkedIn personal profiles, allowing for detailed professional information searches(Best-practice example TBC)
LinkedIn company pagesComing SoonWill offer comprehensive access to LinkedIn company pages, enabling in-depth research on businesses and organization(Best-practice example TBC)
Company home-pagesVery HighWide index of companies covered; also available are curated, customized company datasets - reach out to learn moreHere is the homepage of a company working on making space travel cheaper:
GitHub reposHighIndexes open source code (which the Exa team use frequently!)Here's a Github repo if you want to convert OpenAPI specs to Rust code:
BlogsHighExcels at finding high quality reading material, particularly useful for niche topicsIf you're a huge fan of Japandi decor, you'd love this blog:
Places and thingsHighCovers a wide range of entities including hospitals, schools, restaurants, appliances, and electronicsHere is a high-rated Italian restaurant in downtown Chicago:
Legal and policy sourcesHighStrong coverage of legal and policy information, (e.g., including sources like CPUC, Justia, Findlaw, etc.)Here is a common law case in california on marital property rights:
Financial informationHighIncludes sources like Yahoo Finance, with some results containing detailed financial dataHere is a source on Apple's revenue growth rate over the past years:
Government and international organization sourcesHighIncludes content from sources like the IMF and CDC amongst othersHere is a recent World Health Organization site on global vaccination rates:
EventsModerateReasonable coverage of events in major municipalities, suggesting room for improvementHere is an AI hackathon in SF:
JobsModerateCan find some job listingsIf you're looking for a software engineering job at a small startup working on an important mission, check out